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led star curtain for wedding decoration

  • led star curtain for wedding decoration
  • led star curtain for wedding decoration
  • led star curtain for wedding decoration
Model No.︰FK2320
Brand Name︰led star decorative light
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 289 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description


led curtain catelog.jpg

new product LUV-LHC RGB led curtain

Flexible! Flodable! Protable! Low cost!

I am sorry that i can not find an appropriate word to describe this

curtain.It's perfect beyond description.

I know you may have many question. What this curtain design for? Is it

led curtain? why the price of this led curtain is so cheap?

Some people may recognize it. Yes, it is LED curtain, curtain with led

light lighting.

LED curtain is new environmental protection and energy saving led

display product, which is popularly used as background display in

wedding decoration, stage lighting and display,club display sign,

etc.Led curtain is not just indoor led display,it widely used as

international outdoor sports competetion score display board. Also it is

the most popular outdoor advertising led display becuase of its cheap

price and high performance.

Led curtain is more flexible than tranditional led screen. It is foldable,

convenient installation and disassembly ,convenient to carry.

Led curtain is made of fireproof high-grade velvet cloth with fire



Lastly, attach the internet explanation of led curtain. Led curtain is an

innovative large-scale display solution providing dramatic lighting and

video effects. This curtain can easily play all kinds of picture,video,

flash animation, it can also play various visualization and lighting

changes in brilliant effects.  Because of excellent performance and

unique characteristics, Vision LED curtain goes much further than

common LED  curtain products.The Large size,full colorfull effect make it

be an ideal solution for stage, exhibition booths, interior & exterior



Brand name flyko
Curtain size

Size can be customized,

hot size 3M X  3M (width X height)

Pixel pitch

Pixel Pitch can be customized,

hot pixel P5 ( every 5CM set a led lamp ) 

Led lamp light

5mm RGB full color

or RGBW single color ( Red, Green, Blue, White )

Led lamp life 6-10 ten thousand hrs
Cloth material Flame retardant,heavy duty cloth
Cloth color Black, White, Transparent or any color you like
Viewing angle 45 degree
Brightness More than 2000cd/sqm
Voltage 90V-240V
Power supply AC 90V-240V
Fuse 3A
Frequency 50 HZ
Certificate CE, ROHS, SGS, ISO 9001
Warranty time 3 years 

Package includes:
1 set curtain
1 set controller
1 network cable 
1 power cable

1 SD Card with software and tutorial 
1 x English User Manual

1 x convenient bag ( amazing feature: convenient carry )

2% spare led lamps and backup material

led star curtain packaging.jpg


* Q: How do I control the system?

* A: Simple! > With the Ethernet/SD controller included, presets and

custom pictures are stored on the SD card included with the controller.

Live Text, colour change can be sent direct to the curtain via PC/laptop

using the software included! 8 selectable programmes manually and

unlimted in PC/Laptop live control.

* Q: Can I link multiple curtains together?
* A: YES! and multiple curtains can be linked together to create one

large image across all curtains or multiple images.

* Q: How do I hang the curtain?
* A: Easy! > there are velcro loops or eyelets around the material to

hang on a truss or pole.
* Q: Can I add my own text, numbers, animation?
* A: Text, numbers, colours can be added live using the software

included or create and save pictures onto the SD card using the

software included or screen capture 3rd party software.
* Q: What fabric is the curtain?
* A: The curtains are made of velvet or soft flanel material.


product picture.jpg

led star curtain 3.jpg

led video curtain.jpgled video curtain catelog.jpg


led star curtain detail.jpgled star curtain control.jpg


Application of new product LUV-LHC RGB led curtain :
Concert, Night club, Live show, Fashion Theater, Stage background, TV

show, Wedding Decoration, Bars, Disco Entertainment, Family party,

Outdoor party, and etc.


Installation of new product LUV-LHC RGB led curtain :
Easy for fit and dismantle, the design is convenient and safe for

installer. The small size can be matching together as a large size by our

convenient design.



   Certificate: CE, ROHS, SGS, ISO 9001: 2008

led star curtain certificate.jpg

 payment shipment.jpg


After-sale service 

1. Lifetime free maintenance and upgrade.

2. Complaint respond in 24 hours; maintenance guidance and problem

solution supplied in 48 hours.

3. Customer satisfaction tracking report.

4. Free technician training.

5. Full set of documents free of charge, which including installation

guidance, software operation tutorial, easy maintenance manual and

control system software video and so on.

6. Special service for big project, such as stadium, exhibitions, squares

and so on.


about us.jpg


ODM Service:
Our ODM curtain’s size include 2x3m, 2x4m, 3x4m, 4x6m, 3x8m, triangle

shape, and etc. Customers can purchase sample at any time and we

usually ship sample by DHL within one week.

OEM Service:
If you got any specific requirement, just tell us the size, shape, color of

the LED and your favorite hung method, and etc. The cooperation

details can be negotiated by both sides



new product LUV-LHC RGB led curtain  


With Protable, Flexible, Foldable, Mobile;


Light Weight:3kgs per square meter;


Slim Body:10mm thickness;


Fast Installation Design

For Stage vision and Lighting, Event Video Show, Road Show
and Mobile Advertisement
Under Promotion Now !



Payment Terms︰TT, Western Union,Paypal
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